Mass Extinction Caused by Deadly 'Earth Burp'


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Mar 2009
Mass Extinction Caused by Deadly 'Earth Burp'
By Loren Grush
Published July 21, 2011
A massive, long-ago extinction was once thought to have been caused by a destructive wave of volcanic activity. Scientists now point their fingers at another culprit.
A giant, deadly “Earth burp.”
Micha Ruhl and researchers from the Nordic Center for Earth Evolution at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark have found that the mass extinction of half of Earth’s
marine life over 200 million years ago was likely the result of a giant release of carbon methane in the atmosphere.
This massive methane “burp” led to an increase in atmospheric temperature around the globe -- and organisms and ecosystems were simply unable adapt to their hotter environment.

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Dec 2010
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I saw this on the tube not long ago. It is another interesting 'extinction' theory. As much derision as the 'catastrophists' have gotten from funded orthodoxy in the past, the many 'mass extinction events' that are proffered these days seem to get quickly supported by the same orthodoxy.


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Apr 2010
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"Burp", eh? In my experience, methane tends to exit from a different orifice to that one that burps exit from.

What is Fox News' stance on global warming?