Medal winning strategies of communist Olympic powerhouses (USSR, GDR, PRC, et al.)

Aug 2013
Soviet Union and East Germany outcompeted United States several times on Olympics medal tables. China is keeping communist Olympic prestige alive by catching US up, while post-communist Russia and Germany are falling behind.

Could you shed light on the secretive, sophisticated, and successful communist Olympic strategies?


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Jun 2014
Yeah steroids and performance enhancing drugs. East Germany was famous for this (the women looked like men) and I believe Russia was recently sanctioned at the Winter Olympics for the same. The USSR used to also take promising children away from their families before they started school and sent them to an academy of sorts, where they would be constantly trained.
Intensive Training Key to Soviet Sports Success; Heavy Competition, Rewards for Achievement Start at Grade‚ÄźSchool Level
Ideology of Soviet Sport | Guided History
Jul 2017
I've heard that East Germany used to make women get pregnant before competition and then abort, under the idea that hormons i. Their bodies would make them stronger.
As for china, besides being each day more and more specialiced in the development of more and more skills, there are awful videos of hundreds of 8 years old children working abs. Which to me doesn't look like freedom.
I'd be very proud if my son or daughter became olympic medalists. But only if they choose that way of life. I wont sacrifice their childhood for the remote chance of a medal.
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