Medieval Madagascar merchantry

Mar 2014
Both the language and genetics of Madagascar are related to Indonesia and not to African main land; even though African main land is much much closer to it.

"H . Deschamps, whom we consider to be the best-informed writer on Malagasy
affairs, has just outlined an explanatory theory, affording no doubt a
means of reconciling G . Ferrand and A . Grandidier. He believes that at
about the middle of the first millennium of our era Indonesians crossed the
north of the Indian Ocean and intermarried with the local population on
the east coast of Africa. This intermingling gave rise to the Proto-Malagasy,
who subsequently intermarried with other Indonesians and with Africans
who came with the Arabs or as slaves.
Were there any inhabitants in Madagascar before the Indonesians?
According to many Malagasy experts, when the first Indonesians settled on
the island they discovered people already living there, known as the Vazimba,
whom G . Ferrand considered to be Africans. In fact, these Vazimba
were probably the outcome of the earliest cross-breeding between Indonesians
and Africans, whom the ancestors of the Merina drove back towards
the east at the time of the occupation of the highlands at the beginning of
the second millennium of our era."

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May 2015
Are you serious? Africans were in Madagascar as well and mixed in with the other people. Did you even read the link I posted? And when did the OP ask about their ethnicity or race?
Since Malagasy is an Austronesian language he is right on that part.
Mar 2016
Malagasy are of course of mixed origin - partially from Africa, partially from Borneo.

But their language came with migrants from Borneo.
Mar 2014
No their language is a mix of Malagasy and Bantu. Did anyone read the link I posted? Can anyone defend that they mixed in with Bantus but never absorbed their language?