Mediterranean and Balkan musical contest 2


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Aug 2009
Athens, Greece
[ame=]ΡÎ*να Κουμιώτη ~ ΚαινοÏ�Ï�γιο μου φεγγάÏ�ι - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=]Rena Koumiwti - Stamatise tou rologiou tous deiktes - YouTube[/ame]



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Apr 2011
[ame=]Български военни маршове - Балканци - YouTube[/ame]
Mar 2011
Italian music

[ame=]Cesare Cremonini * Una come te - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=]Biagio Antonacci - Insieme finire - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=]Malika Ayane - Tre Cose (Videoclip ufficiale) - YouTube[/ame]

Lucius Vorenus

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Sep 2012
Dalmatia Interior
Traditional song of Bosnian Muslims; Leave - taking of martyrs:

[ame=]Bosna - Sehidski rastanak - YouTube[/ame]


Winter (seems) never will pass
Sabah (seems) never will come
Only tekbir
Is heard through the night.

Long winter night,
Mother, I have to go,
Ancestors’ native land*
Calls me for help.

If I don’t return, mother,
Don’t wait for me in vain,
Shed one silent tear
And pray a Fatiha for me
Let it escort me.

Ref. 2x
If it could only, once more to me,
Ahead of Cennet kapısı 
On the wings of ezan,
Arrive the smell of Ramazan
From our çarşı.

Great niyet,
Zulum of düşman
Sabur and inat within us-
Kuvvetli Bosnian

Long cold night
I have to go
Ancestors’ native land
Calls for help.

Keep my sister, look after her
For mother, I wish I could see one day
From the dew ground
How daughters of my Bosna
Now give births to gaziler 

I still wish only Bosna,
So sevdah could intoxicate me,
(So sun could warm on me)
So old songs could wake me up
i mujezin sa munare :)
From White mosque.


Last night, when I was returning from the warm hamam,
I passed by the garden of the old imam.
And there in the garden, in the shade of a jasmine plant,
Emina stood with an ibrik in her hand.

How beautiful she is! By my faith,
She wouldn't feel any shame even if she was before the sultan!
And how she walks, and how she moves her shoulders –
Not even a hodja's amulet could help me!

I said salaam to here, but by my faith,
The beautiful Emina didn't even want to hear it,
But instead she scooped water into the silver ibrik,
And went to water the roses in the garden.

From the branches a wind blew down across her shapely shoulders,
And unraveled her thick braids –
The aroma of blue hyacinths drifted from her hair,
And wild, giddy confusion filled my head!

By my faith, I almost stumbled,
But the beautiful Emina didn't come to me.
She only looked at me with a frown,
So mischievous, not caring that I'm crazy for her!
(lyrics Aleksa Šantić)
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Mar 2011
Albanian music


[ame=]Gjira ft. Ardi - BOOM ÇIK E ÇAK (2012 Audio) - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=]Klajdi Haruni - Lozonjare - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=]Elita 5 - Degjo (Official Video HD) - YouTube[/ame]


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Apr 2011
Several brilliant Macedonian songs:


Come on, listen, listen,
you black eyes girl Angio,
what the tambourine plays:
The tambourine plays,
You black-eyes girsl Angio,
that you will be a hanum /a Tukish woman - i.e. it offers to the girls to change her religion and to marry a Turkish guy/
You will be a "hanum",
you black-eyes girl Angio,
you will sit on a sarai (a rich home)
you will count golden coins.
You will count golden coins,
you black-eyes girl Angio,
You will collect pearls.

Come on, listen, listen,
you poor Turkish boy,
I am not going to change my faith,
I am not going to become a hanum.

... :))

[ame=]Vanja Lazarova - Pridi dojdi Eleno mome mori - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=]Vanja Lazarova - Na gosti ti dojdov Kito - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=]Vanja Lazarova - Ti li se najde Leno mori - YouTube[/ame]