Mediterranean and Balkan musical contest 2

Mar 2018
Since Greece is a mostly mediterranean and western country, but with connections with balkans, here is a video having both mediterranean European, and Balkan music, even though the latter is mostly associated with people near balkan borders:

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Jan 2016
Collapsed wave


Bulgarian Folk - Текст песни Kacnal brymbar na trynka (Кацнал бръмбар на трънк

Beetle Perched On A Blackthorn

A beetle perched on a blackthorn
and got itself to jingle
the little fly overheard it
its little soul was struck by fear
Harken, harken and it flew away
In a bustling dance* it went around
by mosquitoes they got spotted
an oldish bachelors scourge

At the dance a look they had
and attraction for the fly they felt
damned oldish bachelors
all got itchy to espouse
When the sun went down
a terrible hassle commenced
poles were tossed
knives chinked

The fly got frightened
and to the woodland it fled
and the mosquitoes ran wild
fighting the fight, shedding their blood
and none of them beheld
when the spider came
a web it span with thin threads
and all of them entrapped


Ad Honorem
Apr 2011
A colorful flower has blossomed
At the young lady`s window;

In the morning the girl watered it,
In the night a boy stolen it.

The girl cruelly cursed him:
“You don`t know how to love girls,
You know only how to steal flowers”


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