Mediterranean and Balkan musical contest 2


Ad Honorem
Aug 2009
Athens, Greece
A song about Istanbul, written by a Greek from Smyrna. Performed here by Greeks (on the left) and Turks (on the right).

Dedicated to my friend Efendi, I know this is one of his favourite songs.


Ad Honorem
Apr 2011

Zlato, girl, Zlato, my soul,
you, my golden apple,
you, wallnut tree shadow,
wherever you go, Zlato, girl,
I am going to find you.

I am going to become, my first love,
an white pigeon; high I will be flying,
you will never get me.

I am going to be, Zlato, girl,
the best amongst hunters,
I will catch you whatsoever,
Zlato, girl, you will be mine again!