Medium Light Tank Personnel WWII

Aug 2019
Calgary, CANADA
Hello. I am looking for information on a Major Lawrence L. Lynne, with the Medium Light Tanks, US Army, during WWII. He was the fiancé of Elsie Phyllis James, of Banff, Alberta (part of a study I am working on commemorating Canadian women who died during WWII for a possible website.) I found some newspaper articles noting the major's name and location -- being Vancouver, BC and then Bellingham, Washington.

Miss James died of complications to thyroid surgery in Winnipeg, Manitoba June 3, 1943. She was an only child and her mother was deeply distressed, dedicating her life to remembering her only daughter.

I am wondering how Miss James and Major Lynne could have met, thus my interest in the Medium Light Tanks, US Army. Any assistance would be welcome.

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Jan 2011
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Is 'medium light tanks' an actual unit designation?
It sounds more like a wartime censored description of his duties. This man is on heavy bombers, this man is on light patrol boats etc.

If he was in /Canada as an American tank officer he may have been involved in the delivery and training of US armour used by the Canadians
Aug 2019
Calgary, CANADA
Thank you for your reply. Yes, from what I can tell, Medium LIght Tanks is a description of the type of tank -- but not a unit, as far as I can figure out. This was noted in another one of the documents I discovered. However, Major Lynne's name was misspelled a few times in different documents, too. Makes sense he was part of delivery or training.


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Aug 2016
Bellingham, Washington and Vancouver, BC are not far apart. One possible reason for an American to be in Canada at that time was the construction of the Alaska-Canada Highway, which technically only existed much farther north, but there could have been peripheral operations in the Seattle-Vancouver area.

The tank training theory is a good one. I'm just throwing this idea out there as a second choice.
Aug 2019
Calgary, CANADA
Miss James was in Winnipeg when she died. I shall continue to dig. Thank you for the theory.