Metonym+Capitonym without mentioning proper noun

Aug 2013
In some context, for the sake of concision or exaltation or whatever, an event/era/place/person/etc. is referred to as one Common Noun above all the other ones that common noun applies to, e.g.,

Il Risorgimento: the resurgence (of Italy)
Der Anschluss: the annexation (of Austria into Germany)
L'Ancien Régime: the ancien régime (before the French Revolution)
Urbs: City (of Rome)
The Acropolis: the Athenian Acropolis
The Kremlin: the Moscow Kremlin
The Bard (William Shakespeare)
Il Bambino: the Baby (Baby Jesus)
Il Duce: the Leader (Benito Mussolini)
Der Führer: the Leader (Adolf Hitler)

Please share some more examples.
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Aug 2013
The Continent: the (European) continent
ἡ Θάλασσα Thalassa: the (Mediterranean) Sea
ὁ Ἰσθμός Isthmus:the Isthmus (of Corinth)
La Gioconda: the jocund (Mona Lisa)
Die Luftwaffe: the (German) air force


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* The tremendous plague known as "Black Death".
* "L'Eroe dei due Mondi" [The Hero of two Worlds] Giuseppe Garibaldi. Meaning that the general fought as a hero in the New World [America] and in the Old World [Europa].