Mexican claims on Florida


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May 2016
Thanks! I'll read more about this town.
Well, I also don’t know/recall much more besides what is mentioned in the entry. I recalled reading about it ages ago in articles about the Spanish colonization of North America. But Córdoba is a quite common name for Spanish cities, in Spain and in the American continent.
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Dec 2014
Yes Futurist, Cordoba named Cordova because the Spanish admiral Don Luis de Córdova y Córdova.. a hero from American Revolution. He captured two British Convoys: one in 1781 and other in 1782. He captured 79 ships. And he never lost a a battle in his long Sea life from 1717 to 1787.
I know a girl was in Cordoba in Alaska looking for the remains of the Spanish presence in Cordova... as forts, old houses, Catholic churches etc.. but she found nothing.. I guess Alaksa have changed a lot from the day the Spaniard established the city in 18th Century!.
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