Military lands in 15th century Western Europe

Apr 2018
Yes, undoubtedly I was, even if his name didn't occur me when I was writing the previous post. But I don’t think that he and his men were a sole case.

Side note: I am surprised that you say that all condottieri were Italians in the XV century, that would invalidate the possibility that D. Pedro, Duque de Coimbra, and his Portuguese and English men were mercenaries in Italy (for Venice?) in the second decade of that century. The possibility that they were mercenaries for Sigismund seems more solid.

See a thread that I opened about him (and the Morosini Codex) some time ago: The Morosini Codex and D. Pedro, Duke of Treviso
Well, the great majority for sure were Italians, in XIV century there were a lotof foreigners as Hakwood, Framoriale, Von Landau ecc.