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Oct 2010
Yes I believe that quote was the invention of an author.... Hugo maybe?

What cambrinne aside was “Merde”
He denied ever saying that too,.

They are both romantic memes, which litter history, I mean they are great "quotes". They are insidious, people instinctively want to believe the good story, they are neat digestible/memorable lumps., they stick in the memory, and get repeated and repeated and repeated. much of Napoleonic legend rests with this, (and of course other history). People wnat to beleieve in the great man.

"The sanppy quote gets refuted but never erased" (me, just now)

Pierre Cambronne - Wikipedia

"Other sources reported that Colville insisted and ultimately Cambronne replied with one word: "Merde!" (literally, "****!", figuratively, "Go to hell!")[1] This version of the reply became famous in its own right, becoming known as le mot de Cambronne ("the word of Cambronne") and repeated in Victor Hugo's account of Waterloo in his novel Les Misérables[2] and in Edmond Rostand's play L'Aiglon. The name Cambronne was later used as a polite euphemism ("What a load of old Cambronne!") and sometimes even as a verb, "cambronniser".

Cambronne always denied both Rougement's account and the one-word response, stating that he could not have said such a thing and still be alive. A series of letters to The Times claimed that British Colonel Hugh Halkett, commanding the 3rd Hanoverian Brigade, captured Cambronne before he made any reply.[3]

"The Guard dies ..." statement has also been ascribed to General Claude-Etienne Michel. In July 1845 the sons of General Michel requested a royal decree stating that the words attributed to General Cambronne had in fact been said by their father, producing a number of witnesses and published historical works as evidence.[4] The attribution was left undecided. [3]"
Jun 2011
The Old Dominion
Thomas J. Jackson, Major, Virginia Militia:

The time for war has not yet come, but it will come, and that soon; and when it does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard.
Oct 2016
'stand your ground
don't fire unless fired upon
but if they mean to have a war
let it begin here.'

Captain John Parker, Massachusets Colonial Militia, before the Battle of Lexington/Concord
Oct 2016
"We can run wild for six months, after which the White House will dictate peace terms."
Admiral Yamamoto Isoruku, IJN, just before WWII

'Grab the enemy by his snout and kick him in his (rear)'. General George Patton, USArmy, WWII.
'We're going to use the enemy's guts to grease the wheels of our tanks.' ditto
Oct 2016
'D--n the torpedoes, full speed ahead.' Admiral David Farragut, USN, Battle of Mobile Bay.

'The liberation of Kuwait has begun.' US President George HW Bush, first Gulf War.

'Old Morgan was never beaten!' Colonial General Daniel Morgan, Battle of Cowpens.
Oct 2016
'Where is Grouchy?' Napoleon, Battle of Waterloo.

'There stands Jackson like a stone wall! Rally around the Virginians!' CSA General Barnard Bee, First Battle of Bull Run.

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