Military Vehicles, Good and Not So Good

Apr 2018
Semovente 75/18

Not a prodige of technology, but the low profile and the 75 mm anti tank gun was dangerous for allied tanks in Northen Africa.

The L/40, the main tank of the Italian Army in WWII

An old tank, old concepited and totally inadequated for new tank war.


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Jan 2011
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Interesting thing! Why did NATO use "improvised" armored cars in military operations in the Middle East? In the 40's and 50's, good 6x6 military armored trucks were created. They were designed from the beginning to carry heavy armor and heavy weapons. Paradoxically, such vehicles were in museums, and soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan had worse, weaker vehicles.
It was designed at the start of the 80s when body army was light and semi-flexible. It wsa also meant to be a utility vehicle like a heavier jeep with a little armour and a roof. there were a few more armoured models for scouting but it was basically used for mobility and transport.

The Americans got into problems with urban fighting in Somalia (go watch Black Hawk down) then went into Iraq unaware of how much of a problem IEDs were going to be. The Iraqi army would be defeated, they would need light vehicles to police the liberated areas but otherwise they didn't expect heavy fighting, instead they got ambushes, snipers, IEDs, suicide bombs and intense fighting. they didnt have time to develop a new class of vehicles they had to improvise with what they already had by adding armour and guns.

They finally got round to introducing the Stryker which had armour, a proper turret and IED protection but it comes down to the regular problem armies go to war with what theyve got and what America had was support vehicles left over from an era when the soviets would have a front line and light utility vehicles would move the troops behind it.
Jun 2013
Not in effective, just asked to do jobs it wasnt designed to do!

In the armoured version the mileage is terrible, its also heavy wearing on axles and suspension so its a mechanics nightmare.

Its also badly fitted out for men wearing body armour so its uncomfortable to ride in. Either the vehicle or the armour needs to change.

If the turret is added it raises the centre of gravity so the vehicle is likely to roll over. If it rolls the gunner cant always escape because of his body armour, then the turret comes loose and bisects him.

Before the advent of roof gunners the usual method was to remove the rear cargo door and have a guy sitting in it aiming backwards. that was uncomfortable and lonely.

When it was first released it was too wide for American cargo planes, so their rapid reaction forces had to buy Land Rovers.

Theres a long list.
I also found out that IEDs did heavy damage to the underneath of them. This is one of the reasons there are so many wounded amputees. Another armored car was created that deflected underneath explosions to the sides.