Mini Bibliography - the Struggle for the Baltic 1563 - 1660


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Dominium maris baltici is the historical rivalry for dominance of the Baltic between Denmark and Sweden. The northern kingdoms have always interested me ever since, by pure accident, I came across Michael Roberts's Gustavus Adolphus, A History of Sweden, 1611-1632. From that I was introduced to the Thirty Years War, and also to Denmark's unlikely involvement in that war. (That was probably as unlikely as Sweden's involvement when one thinks about it.) There followed an interest in the long conflict between Denmark and Sweden for commercial and military primacy in the Baltic region.

Since this is an anglophone historical discussion forum, and as I do not read all the Scandinavian and Polish languages, here is a short bibliography of (mostly) recent work which addresses some aspects of dominium maris baltici from the first major conflict, the Northern Seven Years War, 1563-1570 (the First Northern War), until the surpassing of Denmark by Sweden in the Treaty of Copenhagen in 1660.

Surveys and Articles:

Robert Frost, The Northern Wars, 1558-1721 (Longmans/Harlow, 2000).

Jan Glete, War and the State in Early Modern Europe, etc., 1500-1660 (London, 2002), pp. 174-212 on Sweden.

Jan Glete, "Amphibious Warfare in the Baltic, 1550-1700" in D.J.B. Trim and Mark Charles Fissel, eds., Amphibious Warfare, 1000-1700, etc. (Brill, 2006)

Walter Kirchner, The Rise of the Baltic Question (Westport, CT, 1954/1970/U. Delaware, 2011).

On Denmark:

Martin Bellamy, Christian IV and His Navy, etc., 1596-1648 (Brill, 2006).

Paul D. Lockhart, Denmark, 1513-1660 (Oxford, 2007).

P.D. Lockhart, Denmark in the Thirty Years War, 1618-1648, etc. (Selinsgrove, PA/London, 1996).

On Sweden:

Jan Glete, Swedish Naval Administration, 1521-1721, etc. (Brill, 2010).

P.D. Lockhart, Sweden in the Seventeenth Century (Basingstoke/New York, 2004).

Michael Roberts, The Early Vasas, 1523-1611 (Cambridge, 1968).

Michael Roberts, Gustavus Adolphus, A History of Sweden, 1611-1632 , 2 vols. (Oxford, 1953; 1958).

If it seems as though there are few English language author-scholars of the northern kingdoms, it is because there are very few. There is a ton of material in the languages of Denmark, Sweden and Poland. There appears to be no market for translations of those works.
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the Baltic focus of conflict lasted until 1721 and the ultimate defeat of Sweden
with the Mediterranean , Hungary and Germany it was one of the ( mostly )separate theaters of operation