Mining in ancient ages

Jul 2019
Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum. I have finally found a platform to talk history with people!

In this thread I want to ask some questions about mining and providing and crafting of metals & stones in general in ancient ages. I'm not sure if "ancient ages" is an unclear term, I'm simply trying to refer to Roman antiquity and also middle ages.

My questions are;
1- How important was it to hold a mining source (copper, iron, gold etc.) for an authority in those ages?
2- Who was organising the mining operation and how?
3- Were there professionals for mining?
4- Were all miners slaves?
5- How was the logistics for this operation arrenged?
6- How did the smiths provide metals for themselves? Were they buying it themselves or being provided by the local authority in exchange of working for them?
7- Were the smiths running their private business or working for the local government?
8- How expensive and hard to produce those metal products (sword, chain mail, helmet etc.) were?

If anyone have any info about any of the questions above, I would be grateful for your help.

Thank you.