Missions of Baja California: Book Reference List for California History Studies

Oct 2014
As my new book nears its publishing, a list of the many sources of reference to the colorful history of Old California may be of value to others studying the history of California.

The 800 mile long peninsula was the first land to be called California after the European discovery in 1533/1534. California did not become Baja California until 1769 when missionaries and Spanish soldiers traveled north from the eighteen missions already established in California to occupy the vast land beyond the peninsula (that had no name of its own).

This new land (to the Spanish) was called New California or Alta (Upper) California. "Old" (Antigua) California would also be distinguished by being called Baja (Lower) California.

With the arrival of the Americans, "Alta" got dropped from the name, but Baja remained connected to California on the Mexican side of the new line (1848).

Enjoy my reference list for your own studies and entertainment and keep and eye open for the announcement of a brand new, comprehensive guide to the twenty-seven missions founded in Old or Baja California from 1697 to 1834.


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