'mistake' on Himalayan glaciers

Mar 2009
Hofheim, Germany
"It is so wrong that it is not even worth discussing," he told AFP in an interview.
Love that line :D

I wonder what effect Himalayan glacial melting would have on the surrounding area? Let's say there was a sudden "vast" wave of melting, perhaps around a 400% increase, would there be floods? Would it adversly affect the ecosystem down below, or would there just be an abnormal amount of water running through the rivers, but without any negative impact? What I'm asking is, how "bad" is glacial melting anyway? Can we survive without glaciars?
Dec 2009
You want sacrilege? I drink beer on the rocks. "WHAT???!!!", you say.

Well, when I lived in Egypt I had only a small bar fridge in the flat I leased. The huge bottles of local Stella wouldn't fit, so I made ice cubes in trays and had it on the rocks, rather than hot. Became habit. I find, in fact, the the extra water intake is quite salubrious! :)
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