Moeng Lu Kingdom ( Chiang Hung )

Feb 2019
Moeng Lu Kingdom or Chiang Hung

Moeng Lu or Chiang Hung ( refereed by Chinese source as Cheli 車里 and by Burmese source as Chiang Rung က်ိဳင္းရံုး ) was one of the Tai principalities which formed during the medieval time . It situated on the Chinese side of infamous golden triangle . Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture is the core area of the former Moeng Lu Kingdom . It was mainly inhabited by Tai Lue people , who

Its first ruler Phya Coeng was vassal of Deli Kingdom . Once Deli falled to Mongols and , during later successive Chinese dynasties , it pledged oath of allegiance to Heavenly Court ( Chinese Empire ) . Ming and Qing empire regarded Moeng Lu ( Cheli ) as one of its aboriginal office ( tusi ) ( like many other native states on its frontier as in sino-centric perspective ) namely Che-li Military and Civilian Pacification Superintendency . However , Moeng lu vassalage was not limited to emperor of China . It submitted to Bayinnaung of Toungoo Empire ( Burma ) in 1560s .

Since then , The ruling house of Moeng Lu had the blessing and protection of two overlords , Burma and China . It sent tributes to both and was required to ask for the consent from both whenever the new Saewi Fa ( ruler ) ascended the throne of Moeng Lu . Later in the 19 th century , it had to endure many interventions from Burmese and Chinese overlords in its succession affairs .

Saenwi fa ( king ) of Moeng Lu stayed at Chiang Rung ( at Chiang Lan before 1458 ) which is modern-day Jinghong . Including Chiang Rung itself , there were 12 panna , each of them functioned as own polity with rulers . There were occassional power srtruggle between them . Moeng Lu bordered Moeng Maen to the north and Moeng Laem to the west and Sipsong Chu Tai to the east . Its southern neighbors were Chiang Tung , Chiang Khaeng and Moeng Yong . Its existence as polity ended in 1950 .

For further details on this interesting kingdom , I would recommend
- Chronicle of Sipsong Panna: History and Society of a Tai Lu Kingdom by Foon Ming Liew-Herres (Author), Volker Grabowsky (Author), Renoo Wichasin
- Ming Shi-lu
- Intra-dynastic and Inter-Tai Conflicts in the Old Kingdom of Moeng Lü

This is the At a Glance video on brief history of Moeng Lu .

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Feb 2019
It is a Shan state , but of different Shan . They are Tai Lue people .

Keng Tung ( Chiang Tung ) is Tai Khün state . Mong Mao and surrounding shan states like Bhamo are of Maw Shan ( Tai Mao ) . The largest group of Shans are Tai Yai .

Burmese called Moeng Lu as 12 panna of Lue Shans ( လူးရွမ္း ) referring every panna or just simply Chiang Rung ( က်ိဳင္းရံုး ) .

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