Mohenjo daro ---film

Sep 2015
Sri Lanka
I just happened to listen to the songs of Mohenjo Daro [ Film ]although I did not understand the lyrics but I felt like star-trekking in Eternity :)

Mohenjo daro was very close to my Heart---I always had an intuition that it is associated with Lord Nadaraja Because of the Radio-Active Explosion [ CERN] !

Recently I came across an ancient Tamil text by a Siddhar where it was recorded Proto-Tamils lived in Easter Islands and South-America ? A Mythological story And Mohanjadaro and Easter Island along with several others were Siva's sites Eg Giza Pyramids, Angkor-wat temple ,Petra Etc Etc as they lie in the same latitude of the Earth and the distance between them represents Golden triangle Ratio and Fibanorcchi number sequence ---As I have no knowledge about Quantum Physics/Mechanism .
I wonder Whether anyone else had Heard or Read about this? Please Help! Any honest comment is appreciated.
There is a Hypothesis that the Undeciphered Seals found in the IVC are Similar to the Rongorongo Language in the Easter Island !