Mongol Yuan Empire gave Shenyang Territory to Goryeo.

심양왕 - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전

Goryeo Prince Chungseon in 1308, also the grandson of Kublai Khan himself, through the Mongol Princess who was wed to Goryeo King, recived the title of King of Shenyang. Then shortly after, the King of Goryeo Chungryul died, and Chungseon became the King of both Shenyang and Goryeo. For a while, the massive combined territory of Goryeo and Shenyang was ruled by the Goryeo King Chungseon. He then gave Goryeo to his son, and Shenyang to a cousin, Wang go.

In the above wikipedia entry, the territory of Shenyang is shown as encompassing Liaodong and parts of Manchuria. Shenyang was heavily populated by Goryeo people, and it made sense for it to be governed by Goryeo, in the dyes of Mongols prince factions, who sought to use Goryeo influence to counterbalance each others powers. (Goryeo King was the only non Mongolian to be wed to the Khans princess, and given a vote in the election of Khans).

The Goryeo ownership of Shenyang likely continued, albeit not completely solidly, for a while afterwards. Hence, this is very likely the reason why later Joseon and Ming records depict Late Goryeo and Early Joseon territory to be thousand Li North of Tumen River, and to have borders in the Liao River. The territory of Shenyang ggien to Goryeo by Yuan was considered Goryeo territory for some time, until it became too costly to defend it from the Jurchens. (Even first Joseon King Yi Seong Gye 's own clan was based in Jurchen territory and had many jurchen tribes as tribute. But Lee moved his ancestoral graves out of Jurchen to Joseon territory in preparation for War of Jurchen conquest) Later when Jurchens pledged loyalty to Ming, much of that former Goryeo Land became Ming territory.

Please fill in any important pieces of history missing in the history of Shenyang and Korea I described.
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King Chungseon spent a total of 34 years in Yuan Dynasty China since three years old and died in Beijing two years after an exile in Tibet. He joined in one of the political rivalries for Yuan emperorship and he succeeded. That was why he was awarded the title the King of Shenyang. The title and rule of Shenyang was still under the Yuan Dynasty designed administrative structure of a Province and was never ceded to Koryo.

Thus Shenyang became a political centre to exert political control and influence on Koryo making it more integrated with the Yuan court and the Yuan empire.

By the way King Chungseon liked to stay in China as much as possible to the extent that he pretended sickness and refused to return to Koryo.
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Thus Shenyang became a political centre to exert political control and influence on Koryo making it more integrated with the Yuan court and the Yuan empire.
Do you have a source for this interpretation? The Korean news article that explains the context thus.

그런데 카이산이 충선왕을 심양왕에 책봉한 것은 단순히 보은 차원만은 아니었다. 사실은 몽골 황실의 권력을 안정시키기 위해서였다. 칭기즈칸 이래로 몽골이 팽창하는 과정에서, 그의 세 아들과 후손들이 만주 땅에서 세력을 형성하고 이를 기반으로 황제 지위 쟁탈전에도 개입했다.

몽골 황실은 이들을 견제할 목적으로, 투항한 고려인 세력가인 홍복원 가문을 활용했다. 고려 입장에서는 반역자인 홍복원 가문한테 대대로 벼슬을 주고, 만주에서 세력을 형성한 칭기즈칸 후예들을 이 가문을 통해서 견제했다.

이 과정에서 홍복원 세력이 너무 강해졌다. 고려와 몽골의 전쟁 중에 고려에서 피신한 이주민들이 홍복원 관할 하에 들어감으로 인해 생긴 결과였다. 이제, 몽골 황실은 또 다른 고려인 세력가를 내세우지 않을 수 없었다.

In brief: Kaisan's 3 sons and progeny were forming factions based in manchuria and competed to claim the throne. Thus the Mongol court used the Koryo Hong Bok Won clan to check the power of those princes of Genghis Khan. But to check the Hong clan, the Mongol court gave the title to a royal Kim Chung Seon, so that while checking each other, the Goryeo royalty and the Hong clan could collectively also check the Mongol princes"

King Chungseon gave Shenyang to nephew Wang Go, while Goryeo was given to 2nd son Chungsook. Wang Go tried to use his Shenyang power base to take Goryeo throne, but didn't suceed. Then he started a movement to register Goryeo as the 51st state/province of Mongol empire, but this failed because of opposition by Chungsook, and the weak power of Mongol. So eventually Shenyang became used to incorporate Goryeo into the Mongol empire, but it failed.

My question is, what happened to the Shenyang province after that?
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.My question is, what happened to the Shenyang province after that?
After Wang Go's death the throne passes to his grandson Toγtoγa Buqa (Korean name unknown if there was one). When Gongmin declared defiance from Yuan Empress Gi tried to install him to the throne of Goryeo, but nothing came out of it. He died in 1375, but probably the title was devoid of any real power long before that.

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