Mongols vs medieval knights

Oct 2013
IDK ... in my time, brothels were plenty of living clients ... dead, captive clients weren't good for business, You know, doesn't bring that much income.

But it's true I didn't went to a crusader whorehouse.

I'm not that old.
Oct 2018
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The question is, would the Mongol composite recurved bow be strong enough to penetrate the plate armor?

Perhaps not I I suspect the Mongols would have had the brains to shoot their arrows at the knights' horses. The knights would find themselves on foot, against a very fast mounted enemy.

However, if the Mongols thought they would lose ,they would avoid a fight ,until they had a much better chance of winning.


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Jan 2017
During the century of invasions , while the western seashores were assaulted by the Viking slavers
and the southern land were under assault from the moors
central Europe had it's hands full with the marauding Magyars
sometime raiding up to the Pyrenees
the word ogre is supposed to come from Hungrian , who know ? but they were bad

the heavy cavalry of the German Frankish Empire tangled time and again against the Magyar cavalry and more often than not got the worst of it
until the battle of the Lechfeld when the Magyars were stuck in a narrow plain with no possibility of flanking
an attempt at the old fake retreat failed and the pride of Hungary was sliced and diced by the heavies where they stood
then ...when the ran
Oct 2013
All those crusader states probably were simply bought, by sex. I always suspected that those Muslims are secret men lovers.
Now that You say, I think I understood what Yeke was talking about in the whorehouses post: Yes, whorehouses were full of dead Crusaders, as Turks and other Muslim warriors became blinded by jealousy!

What I don't get is why they killed the love of their lives and not the temptresses !?!

More seriously:
Nope, it doesn't make any sense.

BTW, bashing .... isn't that much appreciated on this forum, Yeke.