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  • Battle of Teutoburg Forest (9AD)

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  • Battle of Stamford Bridge (1066)

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  • Battle of Grunwald (1410)

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  • Battle of Lutzen (1632)

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  • Battle of Vienna (1683)

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  • Battle of Tsushima (1905)

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  • Battle of the Marne (1914)

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Sep 2016
I don't think so : England and Netherlands did recognize Philip V as the king of Spain in 1701. Otherwise they would have declared war immediately after the proclamation.
The proclamation took place on the 24th of November 1700 and the declaration of war took place the 15th of May 1702 so 18 months later.
The issue wasn't just about Philip being King of Spain. It was also about Spanish possessions in Europe and possible unity of French-Spanish crowns. Those problems were just as important, if not even more important.
There was the settlement uncovered at Waldgirmes, 100Km East of the Rhine, with the first known stone buildings in Germany- a full Forum and Basilica, with Equestrian statue of Augustus. This may have been a trading settlement originally, but it was Roman and developed over nearly 20 years into a nascent civil settlement and possibly the provincial capital. There may be other such sites not yet discovered. Waldgirmes was destroyed in the aftermath of Teutoberger Wald, which rather suggests expulsion from a developing province rather than armies wandering about an undeveloped Germany.
Huh, I didn't know about that. I did then underestimate Roman interest in settling the region. I guess we can thus attribute some significance to Teutoberger Wald in ending Augustan plans to settle the region.

Still, the fact that the Romans never returned to this idea speaks to a deeper lack of interest in settling the region, in the same way that the Romans did not pursue territorial acquisitions far beyond the Tigris in the east, nor maintained a sustained interest in expanding deeper into Caledonia.