More minority-ruled countries


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May 2014
I find it interesting that there have been various cases where a religious or ethnic minority has ruled over a larger majority population in a particular country. For instance, think of the Alawites ruling over Sunnis in Syria or Whites ruling over Blacks in South Africa and Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia). I suppose that another case of this might be Tutsis ruling over Hutus in Rwanda since 1994. The rule of Sunni Arabs in Iraq over a Shiite majority would likewise qualify for this--as would the rule of Sunni Arabs over a Shiite majority in Bahrain. Manchu rule over the Han Chinese during the Qing Dynasty would likewise qualify for this--as would Muslim rule over Hindus in the Mughal Empire.

Anyway, which other cases of this could there have realistically been?

I could imagine a pied-noir-led Algeria if the pied-noir population there would have been much larger. In such a scenario, France might transfer power to the pieds-noirs instead of to the Algerian FLN if/after France withdraws from Algeria. However, what other cases of this could there have realistically been?
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Dec 2017
Regnum Teutonicum
Another example is the USA under presidents of the catholic minority. Aren't over 50 % of Jordans inhabitants Palestinians and the dynasty of the head of state is from Arabia?


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Apr 2015
Pre-1971 Pakistan where minority Punjabis ruled over the majority Bengalis and even unleashed a genocide upon them for winning the General Election in 1970. Pakistan during its initial days was dominated by Muhajirs (Urdu speaking migrants from India) until the military coup by Punjabi dominated army in 1956 who were just quarter of the population back then.
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