More powerful European power in 1900: Italian or German Empire?

More powerful European state in 1900?

  • German Empire

    Votes: 29 93.5%
  • Italian Empire

    Votes: 2 6.5%

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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
In 1900 my German great grandmother was born near the border with France, in Baden. Her brothers fought as officer in the cavalry of the Kaiser in WWI ... if I add that my Italian great grandfather was in the Italian Army when the Austrians and Germans defeated it at Caporetto ... [with Rommel in the nearby, young officer of the Alpenkorps] ...

No, the young Italian Kingdom had still a modern country to build. The industry wasn't able to sustain a decent military effort in 1900 and the organization of the army didn't allow to think to great adventures.

So Germany for sure.
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May 2019
A the end of XIX th century Germany was already superior (military, economically ) than France, Russia, and the British Empire.
Sep 2016
Italy should not even considered for the best of anything, no offense.
They have great culture, food, women, Serie A, fashion, countryside.

No offense to Germany, but Italian culture is superior. Germans are also usually boring and cold people.


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Jun 2015
Germany had a bigger economy than Britain proper, but not the British Empire.

But compared to Italy at the time, no comparison.
Sep 2016
I'd agree with that, although the worst film I ever saw was an Italian animation about the Titanic, with a rapping dog.
There are actually 2 Italian animated films about Titanic.

In the second film ( Legend of Titanic ) everybody survives and they are saved by giant octopus. It also has talking sharks. Plus, main character can talk to dolphins.