Most Annoying Examples of Historical Revisionism?

Apr 2017
I would name Hiroshima revisionism and "Lost Cause" revisionism as among the most annoying.

Holocaust revisionism is perhaps the most frightening and dangerous.


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Aug 2015
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Yep. Or that it didn't happen on the scale historians say it did.
"Or that it didn't happen on the scale historians say it did." ???

So if the Nazis murdered "only" 600,000 Jews and "only" 400,000 other persons, about a tenth of the usual figure, that would make them good persons instead of mass murderers, right?
Jan 2016
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Yes, holocaust revisionism is pretty bad. The far right in Japan has their own version of it too. They deny that the Nanjing massacre ever happened, as well as other war crimes like the institutionalized sex slavery of the "comfort women".

Unfortunately, they have gotten away with it too. The Netherlands was the only country to take the issue of comfort women to the Tokyo War Crimes Trial. That is because they had a few Indonesian Dutch women who were forced into slavery, but they only accounted for a small fraction of all the slaves. Over 80% of them came from Korea. To this day, Japan has not acknowledged these atrocities or issued any kind of apology.

There are a few other revisionist issues that bug me, like the idea that Genghis Khan was a good guy or the Victorian view of medieval Europe having no sophistication what so ever.


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May 2016
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A History of the Jews, a list of expulsions for 2000 years

The organized mass-murder of Jews in Europe had been going on for centuries. It just seems worse because modern means and methods were used. And of course, photography also makes it worse, in a way.
With or without photography, the Holocaust was not more of the same of the last 2000 years. It was the industrialization of the extermination; it was not a angry Medieval Mob attack to the Jewish ghetto during a riot.