Most badass exchanges in human history.

Jun 2016
The savage land of The Balkans
Go for it!

Shortly after the battle of Issus, a messenger arrived, delivering a letter from king Darius, who offered a huge ransom for his mother, wife and children. Alexander refused. In the next months, there were several diplomatic exchanges, which culminated in Darius' offer of all countries west of the Euphrates to Alexander.

"I would accept it," said Parmenion after reading the proposal, "if I were Alexander."

"So would I," replied Alexander, "if I were Parmenion."

Jun 2016
The savage land of The Balkans
Tito to Stalin:

Stop sending people to kill me. I have already captured five of them, one with a bomb and another with a rifle...
If you don't stop sending killers, I'll send one to Moscow,

And I won't have to send another.
Apr 2015
Waterloo, 1815

- Surrender !
- The Guard dies but does not surrender.

(Actually, Cambronne may have said "****", but every catchphrase needs to be reworked, doesn' t it ?)

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