Most epic battle/war/conflict in history

Oct 2016
How about the Seven Years War?
some say this was the first real world war. England fought France from the Ohio River to India, on land and at sea. Frederick's campaigns were essentially a sideshow. Russia, Austria, Spain and Portugal among others participated. the war ended with a powerful Prussia and with English control over most of North America and probably represented the establishment of Britania as the world's dominant power.
Feb 2019
Battle of Austerlitz. There, on the Pratzen heights, Napoleon defeated the whole army of Russians and Austrians, captured 20,000 of their soldiers and finished the story of the Third Coalition. The Russian emperor Alexander I and the German Kaiser Franz I ran into a forest when they heard the sounds of Napoleon's canons defeating their forces. Then they lost each other, and Alexander cried shivering. This is truly a legendary battle.
Oct 2018
The Battle of Ipsos, 301 BC. Antigonus the One-Eyed and Demetrius the Besieger vs the coalition of Seleucus, Lysimachus and Cassander. 475 elephants, more than a hundred scythed chariots, horse-archers, Macedonian phalanxes, Macedonian cavalry and a young Pyrrhus. A rearguard of elephants separates Demetrius from Antigonus, and a very old Antigonus fights to the death.


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Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
Why don’t we just cut to the chase: Hands-down the largest conflict in history was World War II. It spanned the whole globe.
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Jun 2017
I hate having to answer WWII, such an overexamined conflict but it's prolly WWII. Runners up would be Roman Civil War, the final showdown between Rome and Persia, Thirty Years War and the Napoleonic Wars. I love WWI but I don't think epic is the best way to describe it the leadup to it was epic the war itself just like for the soliders in "All Quiet on the Western Front" was anything but. For naval history fans this is doubly as accurate. All those beautiful battleships and they basically did nothing:( Epaminondas Theban wars were pretty dope too.
Mar 2016
For me: Napoleonic Wars and it isn't even close. A period full of military brilliance, memorable personalities, massive political developments, combat and events all across the globe and unlike WWI or the 7 Years' War it had a pretty conclusive end.
I think what makes the Napoleonic Wars so memorable and 'special' is that it feels like something more out of an epic tale than real history. When you look at how comparatively small-scale and carefully managed wars/political events were before and after the Napoleonic Wars (until WWI, of course), it shows the contrast ever greater. Wars and battles played out to determine the fate of a continent; huge coalitions formed just to stop one country; hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of men marched into battle; and always at the head of his army, Napoleon had a mindset more fitting to some ancient conqueror than a 19th century statesman and ruler, his personality being almost more of that of a warrior-king. Nothing like this would ever be seen again.

Edric Streona

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Feb 2016
WW1, WW2, Napoleons Wars, 7 years war, probably the 3 Kingdoms Wars in China.
Hard to picture many bigger than that.