Most humiliating military defeat in history.

Jun 2013
Bah-Toe (phonetic pronunciation of Batoh [Ukrainian]) in1652. Suffered by the Poles.

in 1651 the Poles defeated the Ukrainians-Cossack-Tartars at Berestko - considered the largest land battle in 17th c. Europe. It was a resounding Polish victory in the attempt to crush the rebellion.

So all the Polish troops go home. Fighting is over for the moment so there's no need for an army now. The crown has 10.000 very experienced troops.

Next year at Batoh 25.000 Cossacks & Tartars destroyed the 10.000 man army. Poor, poor intelligence and lousy tactics contributed to the Polish defeat. The Poles did now know the Cossacks already hooked up with the Crimean Tartars so they didn't know the army was so huge. Secondly the Polish commander decided to meet them on a super sized geographical plain. It was so very big that a 10.000 man army just couldn't control the situation. So the army gets surrounded and 8.000 surrender.

Tartars love slaves but the Cossacks persuaded them to sell them the Polish prisoners for a ton of silver. Then the Cossacks proceeded to kill every single one by beheading, hanging and disemboweling - ouch!!! The best of the best were gone.

Poland rebuil the army but not fast enough. The Swedes and Russians realized this and so they started the infamous "Deluge" period that was the beginning of the end of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Technically changed the map and political influences of Europe for centuries.

To this day I absolutely do not understand why Berestko is celebrated as such a great military victory. It was a waste-it was negated. It's akin to the Japanese today celebrating the great victory at Pearl Harbor or Singapore; or the Germans today celebrating Operation Barbarrosa or the Americans celebrating Tet or Khe Sanh. Geeez! You know what I mean?
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