Most important cities of the Byzantine Empire?

Mar 2013
Escandinavia y Mesopotamia
In terms of Byzantine numismatic coins, I can tell the following:

After Anastasius’ monetary reform and before Justinian’s conquest the most bronze coins are struck in Constantinople, and then Antioch. Cyzicus and Nicomedia equally take the third place. Then came Thessaloniki(especially under Justinian I) and Alexandria. Coins from Cherson are rare.

After Justinian conquest in the western part of Byzantine Empire most coins tended to be struck in Carthage and Ravenna. Syracuse struck many coins in 700-850, but not (much) before.

During the Macedonian Dynasty most(and almost all) coins are struck in Constantinople. I haven’t heard of Antioch-coin in that period (weird!). Coins from Cherson are rare.

During Komnenos Dynasty most coins are struck in Constantinople, but now Thessaloniki also struck coins in second place. In Trabizond silver coins increase heavily under Manuel Comnenos.(I don’t know why!).

After the Latin Sack in 1204 Nicae Empire tended to struck in Magnesia. Later when Constantinople was reconquered Constantinople took the leading role in minting coins.

Again: I am not suggesting coin-minting of bronze is indication of a city's significance.
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Mar 2013
Attaleia, Amorioan, Iconium, Caesarea, Philadelphia, and Melitene probably the most important aside from the big 4 (Constantinople, Alexandria, Thessilonika, Antioch).