Most important writer from your country..


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Sep 2009
Most important writer..

In advancement in writing style and form,

social consciousness,

or popularity.
Jul 2007
Thomas Keneally - he of Schindler's Ark and the Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith
Peter Fitzsimons is writing some great stuff

Two of my favourites ..

Gile na Gile

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May 2008
Keneally's a great choice; read three of his, Great Shame, Three Famines & Schindler's.

For all sorts of reasons I'd go William Carleton; his portraits of pre-famine Irish farmers and labourers captured a disappearing social class transitioning from Gaelic to Anglicised cultural modes at a time when few others deemed such subjects worthy of literary attention - a fascinating corpus of idiomatic rural expressions & character traits fated otherwise to have been blasted to the four corners have been instead preserved for us. (Gerald Griffin and the Banim brothers are worthy reading too in this regard).

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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
Intending for country the modern Italy [after I will make an enlarged reasoning about "Italians writers"] I can anyway include

Alessandro Manzoni

considered the father of modern Italian, he died just some years after the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy.

Then, we can mention Giovanni Pascoli and Gabriele D'Annunzio [the guy who had the idea to fly over foreign lands to claim them to Italy ...].

Enlarging the horizon to "Italians" ...

Well, Dante Alighieri
Francesco Petrarca
Giovanni Boccaccio
Giacomo Leopardi [citizen of the State of the Church ...]
Ludovico Ariosto