Most insane campaign


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Jan 2017
the Romans had good strategical thinking
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Apr 2014
New York, U.S.
I would place Hannibal Barca’s twelve year campaign in the Italian peninsula in that category.


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Nov 2010
Stockport Cheshire UK
The Japanese U Go offensive on the India/ Burma frontier in 1944 was rather insane, if they didn't manage to quickly overrun the Allied positions and capture their supplies their army would starve, which is what happened.
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Mar 2013
Burning the boats/bridge behind an army. It has been done several times thru history with the most well known probably being Cortés and the Chu-Han contention.

Caesar at the Rubicon is nearly the same idea for himself but he didn't necessarily make retreat in the face of defeat for the rest of his army impossible as veterans at that point were valuable resource for the winner and aside from a handful of senior officers that would be killed due to political connections the average legionaries would have not faced the same consequences.
Mar 2018
Subotia's expedition beyond the Caucuses.

It takes a genuine madman to take only one wing of an army tasked with chasing down a fugitive Emperor in the middle of a war and instead: attack a bunch of different nations, cross a mountain range into completely uncharted territory, trek through some 1000km of hostile lands, casually destroy every army you encounter, and finally head home through a completely different route. It's a combination of insane reconnaissance in force and something taken out of bad historical fictions/fantasy.