Most interesting Roman/Byzantine dynasty (up to two votes)

Which Roman/Byzantine dynasty do you find the most interesting (up to two votes)?

  • The Leonid Dynasty (457 - 518)

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  • The Justinian Dynasty (518 - 602)

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  • The Isaurian Dynasty (717 - 802)

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  • The Nikephorian and Amorian Dynasties (802 - 867)

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  • The Doukid Dynasty (1059 - 1081)

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  • The Laskarid Dynasty (1204 - 1261)

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Oct 2011
I voted for the Tetrarchy and the Heraclean Dynasty, as these were two periods where the Empire introduced innovative solutions in order to deal with rather problematic, potentially catastrophic, circumstances.
Oct 2018
Well, unsurprisingly the Julio-Claudians are the most favoured so far (and by far) with 10 votes, but the enthusiasm for Byzantium on this forum has allowed the Macedonian Dynasty to be the runner-up with 5 votes. Third place is a tie between the Antonines (unsurprisingly) and another favourite for Byzantinists, the Komnenids, both with 4 votes. Coming in at 3 votes are the Flavians, the Third-Century Crisis emperors (which I'm happy to see), and the Heraclians. The Severans, Tetrarchs, Constantinians, Theodosians, last emperors of the West, and Palaiologans managed to secure a vote. The Tetrarchs was my doing, of course. I'm a bit surprised that the Constantinians have so far only secured one vote, considering the significance of Constantine to history, and the enthusiasm that Julian often generates. Maybe @Kookaburra Jack will throw a vote in that direction. On 0 votes are the Valentinians, Leonids, Justinians, Isaurians, Nikephorians/Amorians, Doukids, and Laskarids. I can't say this really surprises me, except in the case of the Justinian dynasty.
The picture has changed somewhat since the last summary of results.

The number one position is still indisputably held by the Julio-Claudians, now with 15 votes rather than 10.

The runner-up position is no longer the sole preserve of the Macedonians, but a tie with the Flavians, with both on 6 votes. Still, I'm impressed that a love for Byzantine history on this forum has allowed a strong Byzantine showing among the dynasties jockeying beneath the Julio-Claudians.

Indeed, a fascination with Byzantine history has meant that the Komnenids hold the fourth place with 5 votes.

This fascination has also meant that the fifth place constitutes a tie between the Antonines and the Heraclians, both with 4 votes.

Therefore, the six favourite dynasties are three Byzantine dynasties plus the three most expected Classical picks: those of the early empire.

Seventh place is held by the Third-Century Crisis emperors on three votes.

Eighth place is a tie between the Tetrarchy, the Constantinians and the last emperors of the west on two votes each, which gives us a top 10.

Those dynasties that have secured a single vote are the Severans, the Valentinians, the Theodosians and the Palaiologans.

On 0 votes still are the Leonids, Justinians, Isaurians, Nikephorians/Amorians, Doukids, and Laskarids.

I am still surprised that no-one has voted for the Justinian dynasty.