Most interesting theater of World War 2?

Most interesting theater of World War 2?

  • American Theater (Battle of Atlantic/U-Boat campaigns)

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  • Asia-Pacific Theater (War with Japan)

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  • European Theater

    Votes: 14 77.8%
  • North African Theater (Italian/German Campaign)

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Jan 2019
The European theater for me. Even as a kid growing up, playing videos, movies- Omaha beach still gets my blood pumping. The pop culture surrounding it may have influenced me a lot.

I will say I'd rather have fought the Nazis than the Japanese though.
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Aug 2016
Pacific. I've always found naval power far more interesting than ground or air power. Battles in the Pacific were far more varied and much larger than in the Atlantic or Mediterranean. For instance there were no carrier battles and few surface battles in the Atlantic or Med.
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Jul 2009

As to the Mediterranean, and speaking from a US perspective, that was considered by the War and Navy Departments as the European Theater, including North Africa and the Middle East. I am not sure how the British differentiated these geographies since they were involved more heavily in Africa and the M.E.

The American Theater was pretty much restricted to waters off North and South America. However, the Aleutian Islands (Alaska) were occupied by Japan and battles were fought for Attu and Kiska as well as naval actions there and off Newfoundland.

All the rest from the Hawaiian Islands to the west was the Asia-Pacific Theater.
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