Most Lopsided Victories In History


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Mar 2013
Kirkcaldy, Scotland
Arbroath 36-Bon Accord -0 in 1887 was the most lopsided victory in the Scottish F.A. Cup competition i thus far. Preston North End,-English soccer giants in the 19th century, hold the equivalent English F.A. Cup scoring record.. against Hyde. Meanwhile, In 1961 I also saw my team Hibernian-defeat Peebles Rovers by 15-1 in the Scottish cup.


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Mar 2013
Kirkcaldy, Scotland
P.S.-Arbroath left winger J. Petrie, scored 13 of Arbroath's goals in the 1887 game,. Eclipsing Englishman Joe Payne's feat of scoring ten goals in one game for Luton Town in the 1930s.
Jul 2017
Historians have settled on about a maximum of probably double Alexander's army, nothing more. Delbruck was extremely conservative and suggested that the Persian army was smaller than Alexander's. Personally, a safe bet would probably me something like 60,000-80,000 troops.


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Jan 2014
Ah, the glories of Soviet arms exports.
After rereading the account, in the Osprey booklet on Abrams vs T-72, the sole US loss was caused by a “massive explosion from a nearby Iraqi vehicle.” It wasn’t necessarily a T-72. The slaughter on March 2 cost the Hammurabi 187 armored vehicles, 34 artillery pieces and 400 trucks.
Apr 2018
Mythical land.
I was looking up some of the most lopsided victories in military history in terms of smaller forces tactically defeating much larger ones. I only include battles where there is a relative certainty about the numbers involved, as embellishment is a military tradition) I found three so far:

1. Battle of Watling Street - Gaius Seutonious Paulinus and 10,000 Roman Legionaries defeat 100,000-230,000.
2. Battle of Assaye - Wellesley and 9,500 British and Sepoy soldiers defeat 50,000-100,000.
3. Battle of Gaugamela - Alexander and 47,000 Greeks defeat as many as 250,000 Persians.
4. The Highway of Death (Desert Storm) - Roughly a Brigade? sized element takes on an entire Iraqi division (the elite Hammurabi Division), completely destroys it without suffering a single casualty.

I think the most certain we can be of numbers would be the Highway of Death or the Battle of Assaye. The other two are from classical antiquity, and the best estimates are those of modern historians. Note that I did not include sieges, I only included pitched battles. I also only included victories for the smaller force: although the Greeks stand at Thermopylae was heroic, it was a Greek defeat.

Any more?
in assaye most of troops from maratha side didn't actually participate in battle,so i won't consider it a lopsided victory,and many of who did were effectively leaderless due to english political skill to buy off leaders from maratha side before the actual battle.
May 2018
It should be noted that the force opposing Wellesley at Assaye (50,000-100,000), about half was irregular cavalry only good for chasing a retreating enemy or raiding (in Wellesley's opinion, which is why he didn't cower at the massive Maratha numerical superiority). Pohlmann did outnumber Wellesley in guns by a huge margin (17 guns to the Maratha 100), but the first point somewhat negates the dramatic numbers involved. Still, it is probably the largest lopsided army-vs-army pitched battle where we can have certainty on the numbers involved.
Oct 2016
Battle of Bismarck Sea
US and Australian planes decimate a Japanese convoy
allies lost 6 planes and 13 dead
Japan lost 12 ships, 20 fighters and 2800+ dead
Battle of the Bismarck Sea - Wikipedia

having had limited success with high-altitude bombing of ships, the allies added guns and cannon to some of their planes, which attacked at low level ('masthead') with devastating results.
of 6900 troops, only 1200 made it to their destination (Lae, New Guinea), the rest killed or returned (to Rabaul, their point of origin).
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Oct 2016
Battle of Manila Bay, Spanish-American (USA) War
state-of-the-art US Navy ships decimate antiquated Spanish ships
US losses; 1 dead, nine wounded, one ship damaged
Spanish losses: 77 dead, 271 wounded, 8 ships sunk
Battle of Manila Bay - Wikipedia

"Admiral Montojo had originally wanted to confront the Americans at Subic Bay, northwest of Manila Bay, but abandoned that idea when he learned the planned mines and coastal defensives were lacking and the cruiser Castilla started to leak. Montojo compounded his difficulties by placing his ships outside the range of Spanish coastal artillery (which might have evened the odds) and choosing a relatively shallow anchorage. His intent seems to have been to spare Manila from bombardment and to allow any survivors of his fleet to swim to safety...Montojo accepted that his cause was hopeless and ordered his ships to ram the enemy if possible. He then slipped the Cristina's cables and charged. Much of the American fleet's fire was then directed at her and she was shot to pieces. Of the crew of 400, more than 200, including Montojo, were casualties and only two men remained who were able to man her guns. The ship managed to return to shore and Montojo ordered it to be scuttled."

respect to the Spanish sailors who fought with skill and bravery against huge odds.
shame on the Spanish government that sent their men out so underequipped.
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Sep 2017
United States
If you are to believe this here Landsknecht-

'Paul Dolstein wrote of the siege of Älfsborg in July 1502, fighting for the King of Denmark: "We were 1800 Germans, and we were attacked by 15000 Swedish farmers ... we struck most of them dead."'


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Dec 2014
Well.. talking about Spaniards (18), Germans (19) and Dutchmen (now).. Jemmingen: German and Dutch: 7.000 KIA.. Spanish casualties: 80

The rebels fled at the first onset and the Spaniards closed the gates. Feeling the full importance of the moment, Cound Louis ordered a large force of musketters to recover the position and to complete the work of inundation. It was too late. The little band of Spaniards held the post with consummate tenacity. Charge after charge, volley after volley, from the overwhelming force brought against them, failed to loosen the fierce grip with witch they held this key to the whole situation.

Jemmingen was a great loopside victory... Alva-Londoño-Verdugo.

All writers allow seven thousand to have been killed on the patriot side and the number of Spaniards slain is not estimated at more than eighty, even by the patriotic Meteren.

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