Most Lopsided Victories In History


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Dec 2015
Why no people mentioned Battle of Blood River yet? I was shocked when I first read of a side with 0 casualty.
Nov 2011
The Dustbin, formerly, Garden of England
Not just a battle--but a whole war--The Anglo-Zanzibar of 1896. The war lasted from 09h02 to 09h47 on the 27th August when a royal Navy Squadron bombarded the Sultan's palace, destroying it's artillery and setting the building on fire. The Sultan's Royal yacht and two smaller vessels were sunk. The Zanzibari royal standard was shot down and the Sultan fled to the German consulate. The Zanzibaris surrendered having lost 500 dead and wounded--one British Petty Officer was injured. THe Zanzibar merchants who were supporters of the Sultan were made to pay reparations to Britain of 300,000 rupees (about £20,000) to defray the cost of ammunition expended.
Jan 2015
Front Lines of the Pig War
Or on the naval side of things Cape Matapan. The Regia Marina lost a good chunk of its light forces and thousands of sailors in exchange for a whopping total of zero RN warships sunk or even severely damaged.
Those pesky Swordfish were a constant threat, and a sobering thought for those who speculate that the Regia Marina could have broken out into the Atlantic...


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Dec 2014
Empel in 1585. The Wonder van Empel (The Empel´s miracle). But if we are talking about mathematics nothing is compared to Glembloux, Jemmingen or Otumba...I would say Otumba. This was named the Impossible victory.
Apr 2018
Mythical land.
Anglo-Zanzibar War has to be the most one sided battle/war ever.

Battle of Omdurman 1898
48 British dead, 12,000 Sudanese dead

Battle of Plassey 1757
730 British soldiers V 52,000 Indian soldiers
Where did you get the data for battle of plassey? And it wasn't lopsided by any means as around 30 to 40 thousand of mughal army defected to british side under mir jafar, jagat seths, etc

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