Most outstanding leaders of the 15th century

Sep 2016
in both Western and Easter Europe Feudalism was on it's last leg , replaced by central authority
I would say Feudal fragmentation and not Feudalism itself. Especially when it comes to Russia. Plus Holy Roman Empire still suffered from decentralization and there weren't such strong processes towards centralization like in France.

Italy remained fragmented as well. Acquisition of Brittany also happened only after death of Louis XI.


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Canary Islands-Spain
Far from Europe:

Topa Inca Yupanqui, who greatly expanded the Inca Empire
Moctezuma I, of the Aztec Empire (a kind of Mesoamerican Darius)
Askia Mohammad I, leader of the Songhay Empire (though his reign mostly fall in the 16th century)

Yongle Emperor, in China; one of the greatest leaders in history
Jan 2015
Front Lines of the Pig War
Henry VII of England, perhaps? Ended a costly dynastic conflict, curbed the power of the nobles who started said conflict, far more interested in trade than warfare and ran a frugal government rather than wasting the money of his people on pointless extravagance - like his oafish pig of a son.
Heir of the Bastard Somerset line, killed the last legitimate Plantagenet king? :think::think:

Perhaps Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick "Kingmaker" could be mentioned, as he wielded immense power during the War of the Roses, as Lord High Admiral, Captain of Calais and Warden of the West March.
He was aided by his powerful family, John Neville (Montague) as Warden of the East March, George Neville as Chancellor and Archbishop of York, and William Neville (Fauconberg) as Earl of Kent and key commander at Towton
Jun 2017
Margarethe I of Denmark & Kalmar Union: most of her reign was in the 14th Century but, in 1402, she proposed a double match with England with an eye to restoring the northern European empire of Knut the Great. She was in power during the first decade of the 15th Century and was very instrumental in halting German expansion.
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Sep 2016
Wasn't the 'Prince' supposed to be Cesare, who Machiavelli worked alongside with for a while and had great personal admiration for?
Machiavelli criticized Cesare in the ,, Prince '' for his conduct though and how it lead to his demise. On the other hand, Machiavelli believed that Sforza just got unlucky and if not for his premature death, he would be able to achieve really great things.


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Jan 2017
I've read the prince and while Machiavelli express some conventional condemnation of Cesare ,
admiration drip through his description of his actions

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