Most Overlooked Founders of America

Jun 2017
Marblehead, MA
Gouverneur Morris: the only delegate we know of who gave a humanitarian plea to stop slavery. Also as a member of the Committee of Style, kept the word slavery out of the Constitution and wrote the Preamble.
James Wilson: brilliant lawyer and was a constant participant in discussions during the Convention. His speech in Philadelphia right after the signing of the Constitution outlined the arguments the Federalsit would use during the ratification process.
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Apr 2019
Some of the most overlooked are african-americans and females. Sarah Allen was an african-american lady who founded organizations that uplifted the black community.
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Aug 2009
Thomas Paine, writer of Common Sense, Rights of Man, and the Age of Reason. At the end, only five people went to his funeral and he was buried on a farm.
I like the quote they use on Wikipedia:
Christopher Hitchens wrote a very interesting book about him, essentially making the case that he was *the* forgotten Founding Farther of the US.
Oct 2018
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Is John Paul Jones overlooked? I'd say he's quite important but I'm not sure if he's well known or not. You can make a lot of Led Zeppelin jokes too, although the kids probably wouldn't get them. Christopher Gadsden is interesting if they know about the Gadsden flag and want to know more about it.
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Jun 2019
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I agree with George Wythe - his influence can't be measured.
I would add John Rutledge of South Carolina and Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. Though he came just slightly after the actual founding, I would also add Manasseh Cutler of Massachusetts who was the driving spirit behind the Northwest Ordinance of 1787.

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