Most profitable trade goods in the Ancient Mediterannean?


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Nov 2010
Next time you go to the Iberian Peninsula, visit the Roman ruins in Troia (Troy) near “Salacia” (today’s Alcácer do Sal), were existed a factory:

Ruínas romanas de Troia – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre (sorry in Portuguese. There is also an entry in French);

There was a huge industrial production of fish products, including Garum that was exported to all the Mediterranean Sea. We can see there the “cetárias” were the fish bowels rotted and dried with the sun and salt.
Just got back from Ganuza, near Estella in Navarra. So missed that one. Explored all medieval Navarra and some of la Rioja though (which was at the time all one of course). Even up to the land where the Agotes live(d) as I wanted to see it!

Saw the garum factory at Baelo Claudia though, couple of years ago, down on the Costa de la Luz
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