Most underrated ancient Military?

Jan 2016
Victoria, Canada
The Achaemenids probably deserve a mention. Since 300 everyone seems to think they relied exclusively on numbers over quality, but their military actually had a pretty impressive track record (they did manage to conquer 1/3rd of the world's population after all), and impeccable logistics by the standards of the day. The Persian use of Archery and Cavalry was quite innovative, despite popular media's portrayal of the former as cowardly (but of course that same media praises the English longbow as the "machinegun of the middle ages"). Because of their subjugation of the Phoenicians, they also had one of the greatest navies of their time, even if it did ultimately lose to the Athenians.
Jul 2017
Agreed, the Persians were more about quality than quantity, despite popular opinion. They had excellent logistics as well, although these were outdone by Philip and Alexander; granted the Persian Empire was certainly in economic decline by this point.

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