Most underrated ancient Military?

Go read book 4 and 6 of the commentaries and you'll find the answer. The Suebi (or Suevi) are mentioned in both, and I'm pretty sure (contrary to your bizarre assertion) that he wasn't crossing the Rhine to fight a "Celtic" version of the Suebi. That's all the time you get from me right now, and it's not even time I'm spending on you. It's for other people reading this who might stumble into this thread and inadvertently come to conclusion your points have validity.
When Rome successfully invade Britain, not all the tribes were enemies at this point. This is true in 'Germany'. You are trying to use a blanket term to disguise the fact that GJC had to fight two different entities in two different years.

I was wrong about the bridges. You remain wrong about Caesars actual foes.

Again, what is my obvious agenda?

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