Most worthless US territorial acquisition

May 2014
Tampa was then sufficient to patrol the Caribbean I assume? If so, a place like Cuba, with resources might have had value other than a strategic one.
Yeah, we really should have taken Cuba if a realistic opportunity for this would have actually arisen. That way, if Florida ever got too overcrowded (and it sure looks like it's on the way there!), people who want a Florida-style climate would have been able to move to Cuba and settle and develop it. Plus, in such a scenario, Cuba would have escaped Communism--which would have certainly been a great thing.
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May 2014
No, it didn't. AFAIK, the negotiations for the 1902 initiative began back in 1900--which is before TR became US President.
It's really sad that the 1902 offer failed due to a tie vote in the upper house of the Danish Parliament (Landst(h)ing). These islands ended up costing the US five times more (not adjusting for inflation) in 1917 than it would have cost the US in 1902.

I really hope that, even in the absence of World War I, the US would have eventually acquired these islands. I mean, it really sucks that these islands have an extremely massive homicide rate, but other than that, these islands could have value for the US as a naval base and tourism destination (I'm presuming that the murders generally happen outside of the tourist zones).
Apr 2017
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Have you been there? It really should be part of Pennsylvania or divided between NY (North Jersey) and PA (South Jersey). People that live there will identify with New York City or Philadelphia and argue which is better. The state voted against the 13th Amendment (the only northern state to do so). Lincoln called it "that strange bailiwick ". It's sort of a sport to make fun of New Jersey. When someone says they're from New Jersey, they are often asked "What exit?"

Why does New Jersey get no respect?

If you're driving to New York City from the west or south, you will drive through New Jersey and this is what you'll see (and smell) for miles.

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