Movie cut of the Evolution of Human Warfare

Apr 2014
Hi guys! I have been with historum for many years, and this is my first time posting! I am extremely devoted to the history of warfare, and having taken a few courses in uni on "The Greek Way of warfare", inspired me to make a few videos showing the timeline of human warfare through movies and documentaries of particular battles. Now I know that many Hollywood movies tend to slide pretty far from the term "historical accuracy", so the purpose of this series is to simply give a general idea of "what happened and when". Anyways, I will try to cover as many battles and historical figures as possible from across the world and through multiple time periods. The first video starts at around 2000 BCE, and the last currently up to 1291 A.D. I will leave the title and link to youtube below for those who are interested and I would appreciate any comments or questions!

"Millennium: Total War Montage" by Wira Studio

Mesopotamia(2000 BCE) - The Roman Empire(27 BCE)

Pax Romana(1 AD) - Fall of the Western Roman Empire(476 AD)

Justinian(527 AD) - Battle of Hastings(1066 AD)

First Crusade(1095 AD) - Third Crusade(1192 AD)

Rise of Mongol(1206 AD) - Siege of Acre(1291 AD)