Movies condemned by the National (Catholic) Legion of Decency


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May 2012
I was reading about censorship in movies and starting in the 30s this catholic group would condemn movies considered immoral. According to the book, people faced eternal damnation by seeing these movies. There’s a list on Wikipedia and I was surprised how many I’ve seen. They stopped condemning movies in the 70s according to Wikipedia.

I was wondering if this was officially sanctioned by the church. It was considered to be really influential in America. I was wondering if it had influence outside America too, since it’s considered an American organization or if other countries had their own version.

I suppose I can understand them wanting to give religious people guidance on the movies but it seems silly for them to take it so seriously. I remember a Catholic relative telling me they also did this for books but maybe she remembered it wrong.
May 2013
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The Legion was an arm of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, so yes, it was officially sanctioned by the Church.

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Another arm of the INDEX LIBRORUM PROHIBITORUM mentioned above would have been created with the advent of public movies. A list of prohibited books may have been first published in the era of the printing press but it has its roots in the 4th century with Eusebius.

In the year 2025 we may celebrate seventeen centuries of the censorship of literature (and film) by the political machinations of the utterly corrupt Christian church.

As I understand it the INDEX was supposed to have been disbanded in the 1960's however from what I can tell it was RESURRECTED by Ratzinger and continued on the internet sometime after 2000 CE.

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