Movies on History you would like to see?

May 2017
An interesting theme: the origins and development of early writing.
Since here we have to start in prehistorical times it could be some hybrid of fiction and documentary.
That sounds great, I always wanted to see a movie on ancient Mesopotamia/Syria and the development of writing sounds like a good way to set it up..
May 2017
Honestly I also feel that Zenobia is a very underrated historical character. In the long run she failed but she really left a legacy, a woman ruler in the 3rd century east that conquered one third of Rome, expanding a city state to an empire stretching from the Black Sea to the Nile in less than two years? I was surprised that no one made a movie about her.

A movie/tv show about The Severan Dynasty as well would be great. The story of Rome's ill-fated dynasty could easily be written as a drama/romance, and it definitely helps that the events concerning the Severans went out like something from the script of a cliched period drama.
Nov 2017
Mid North South Australia
The Battle of Long Tan is a worthy movie from recent history. And a movie about Richard III of England based on sources from the time, not written much later, such as More and Shakespeare.
A sequel to the excellent movie Mongol wouldn't go astray either.

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