Muslim hypocrisy?

Bart Dale

Ad Honorem
Dec 2009
Simple. I read the Quran.
Some of the passages seem contradictory in th Koran, but that is because some passages were later replaced by later verses. How do you decide which verses are the later ones, if that is the case?

Second, some of the verses by themselves seem aambiguous and are interpreted by different Muslims differently. Using just the Koran, how do you interpret what the verses say? I must confess when I first tried to read the Koran, knowing nothing about the Koan or Islam, I found many verses unclear. Only.stories from he Hadith heled explain them to me, but without the Hadith, what do you rely on to explain them?

For example, how do you interpret 9:29, and what is the basis of your interpretation? It says to fight against those who do not believe in Allah or the Last Day, and do not forbid what Allah has forbidden. How do you know whether it means physically fight against someone, and literally hit them, or just to struggle against them, like you fight against poverty?