Mutiny in recent times?


Historum Emeritas
Jun 2006
Jacksonville, FL
What is the most recent record of Mutiny? Did this occur during WWI or WWII or were soldiers too disciplined and/or scared to even try and take of a ship.

You just hear about it happening in the 1800s a lot, but what caused it to stop in the 1900s?


Historum Emeritas
Jul 2006
The coups in the third world were supported by discontented elements of the armed forces.
Jun 2006
Virginia, United States
Mutinies did not stop in the twentieth century, and they are still ongoing in some parts of the world. Probably the most famous instance in "recent times" would be the French Army mutinies of 1917, which rocked a majority of the French Army before finally being resolved.
Aug 2006
Salinas, CA
I was reading Pressfield's "Virtues of War" the other night. In the foreward he mentions that he uses some "modern" concepts in the context of Alexander the Great as a storytelling device, without trying to insinuate that such things existed in Ancient Greece.

In addition to contemporary terms of measurement he also mentions "mutiny" as one of the modern concepts that didn't exist in Alexander's time.

Does any one have any info on this? It seems odd to me.
Sep 2006
I can think of a few during the 20th century. I am also sure that many might be aware of such mutinys already. One comes to mind is the Port Chicago Mutiny in California during WWII in 1944. Over 320 victims killed in an explosion - something to have to do with the US Navy.

Another would be the 1914 The Curragh Mutiny prior to WWI. The Army Mutiny in 1924. I am sure there are more. I just cant think of them at this moment.