My list of the Top 10 Generals ever

Sep 2016
Guys the purpose of asking was that you could suggest some good generals in a specific order to fill up the remaining places. Again, I was thinking of adding Suvorov, Frederick the Great, Marlbrough, Eugene of Savoy
I like Eugene of Savoy the most. Though, I would say that Marlborough was good at practically every aspect of war. His diplomatic skill and ability to manage Coalition forces deserves high praise. Suvorov was lacking in that aspect and would find a way to offend or make bad impression on his allies, for example.
Suvorov is also in weird place, where he didn't face Frederick or Napoleon. Suvorov was too young at the time for Frederick and too old for Napoleon, plus Bonaparte was in Egypt during Italian campaign of 1799.
On the other hand, Eugene and Marlborough faced best military commanders of their time. Only Charles XII they didn't face.

There is belief in Russia that Suvorov had 60 battles and was never defeated. However, not one Russian or historian has provided a list of those battles. If they tried to, majority of the list would be minor skirmishes ( including ones when Suvorov was just mere officer ) and still only make it to somewhere around 40 engagements, not 60. At least with Napoleon we have better and more accurate data. Also there really isn't major modern academic work on Suvorov. Most informative work on Suvorov was written in 19TH CENTURY !!! Russians like to believe more in myth of Suvorov, rather than research the subject in detail. It is laughable that Napoleon and his campaigns have far more, far better and more informative works in Russian than Suvorov. There are works on Napoleon by Tarle, Manfred, Sokolov and etc. However, you wouldn't find comparable work on Suvorov like those scholars had on Napoleon and his wars.
That is why there is also popular belief in Russia that Austrians betrayed Suvorov and if not for them, they would take Paris itself.

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