Mystery war grave

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Mar 2014
Beneath a cold sun, a grey sun, a Heretic sun...
I’d start by looking for local newspaper articles from around that time. They might have elaborated more.

If it just says “soldier” he might not have have been British. Lots of Canadians, Aussie’s, Poles, Dutch etc in Brit uniforms.
It would be useful to have a picture of the grave. Nationality on CWGC graves is often denoted by the emblem above the script. Others have a regimental insignia. Only a minority of graves have no emblem at all.


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Sep 2013
So I had a look at the CWGC site for Laugharne and it comes up with five or six names but not an “Unknown” one. The CWGC seem to respond well to queries so I think I’ll contact them. My curiosity has been whetted.