Name of the Russian army that attacked France in 1813-14

Sep 2012
Bravery does not necessarily make a good commander. Langeron was reasonable General, his best attribute was he was aware of his own limitations, (a good attribute as it stops many blunders) I would not say a nagative opinion just nothing really stands out as good,

have you got any examples of Langeron showing very good Generaliship?
I made a mistake in my previous post and mentioned two names that were right there at the end of the campaign - the Battle of Paris, 1814. You corrected me for the whole campaign. Langeron was under the command of Barclay de Tolly of coarse. He was appointed as governor of Novorossia and Bessarabia in his late years and seaside part of the city of Odessa is named after him. I know several anecdotes about Langeron, but this is not a thread about him.

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