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It's always fascinated me that the name "Naomi" appears in two unrelated languages. The Western version is of Hebrew origin and means "pleasantness", whereas the Eastern version is a Japanee name which can be written with different characters which changes its meaning. Bothare feminine names (although the Japanese version is technically unisex).

Do you know of any other names that appear in more than one language? Obviously, we are excluding kanguages that are closely related to one another.

We should also probably exclude diminutives,such as "Ken", which is usually short for Kenneth in english and Kenichi/Kentaro/Kenshiro in Japanese.
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"Ryan" in Irish means "Little King", in Arabic "Rayan" is one of the doors to Heaven.

Tulisa :
Found in Native American language meaning "leaping waters" from the river & waterfall in Georgia, it could also mean "town" in Muskogean-Creek language.
In Irish-Gaelic it comes from "Tuileleath" with the meaning "Princess of Abundance".
There's also a similar looking Xhosa name "Thulisa" which means "keep quiet".

When my Scottish friend Rab went to Morocco, the locals found his name quite funny because it translates into "Lord" or "God" in Arabic. In Russia his name would be funny for a different reason...
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Hungarian Imre vs Turkish Emre, the Hung. name is from the Germanic Emmerich, the Turkish name is apparently from either Old Turkic or Arabic (disputed), but the two are not related.

Hungarian Adél (female name, German origin, meaning noble?) vs Arabic Adil (male name, meaning just).

Hungarian Magdi (female pet form of the name Margit=Margaret) vs Arabic Majdi, which in Egyptian dialect pronounced as Magdi (male name, meaning praiseworthy).
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Is Idris an Arabic name? Wasn’t there a King Idris and Idris is a Welsh Christian name as well. Perhaps I should have googled but what the hell.
As far as I know, Idris is a distroeted greek name. It’s Andreas.

Aside: why the most posts have Arabic names? D:
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The name Cuba Arab origin, is known worldwide.

Number three Cuba Island

Number two Village of Cuba in Portugal

Number one

Old Cuba to store wine, olive oil etc.

Modern Cuba


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