Names that appear in more than one language

Oct 2018
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Is Idris an Arabic name? Wasn’t there a King Idris and Idris is a Welsh Christian name as well. Perhaps I should have googled but what the hell.

Close. What about 'Idries' as in' Idries Shah Sayed.', a famous Muslim writer .

What about loan names; 'Ian' is a common name in English. Its Scots Gaelic for 'John'.

'Mary' and the closely related "Maria' are found in several languages. They are translations of the Hebrew name 'Miriam' ;

My own name has a specific meaning in Gaelic, but is not commonly used amongst Gaelic speakers as a name as far as I know.


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I don't think Maria counts for the purposes of this thread, as the name has the same roots in the various lamguages it appears/

However, I'm pretty sure "Mari" appears as a Japanese name, although I'm uncertain as to its meaning or origin.

DoesMina appear as a name in its own right in any European language, or is it a diminutive? Arabic has Meena as a name.


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The name Cuba Arab origin, is known worldwide.

Number three Cuba Island

Number two Village of Cuba in Portugal

Number one

Old Cuba to store wine, olive oil etc.

Modern Cuba

You are missing the point of this thread. We are not looking for words that sound the same, we are looking for people's names.


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The name Karo always made me intrigued, it is a Armenian name I think, but also the first name of a native american god, Caro or Karo both ways were right, his full name is C(k)aro-Sacaibu, and also used as a name for the munduruku were they use more with K.
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